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Healthy Relationships

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Having healthier relationships with friends and partners can help improve your feelings, your mental health, plus your wellbeing. In addition , positive relationships can also allow you to live longer and more content.

While every relationship is unique, most healthy and balanced relationships share certain features. These include shared respect, trust, commitment, and boundaries.


Respect is a very important part of healthier relationships. It permits us to understand one another better and makes all of us feel comfortable discussing our thoughts and opinions without having to bother about being judged.

It also gives us a feeling of freedom within our relationships helping us to feel good regarding ourselves. This is especially important for children and teens as they are developing their self-esteem and understanding how to treat others effectively.

Philosophical attention to respect offers tended to focus on two forms of identification respect, which in turn we can call “moral acceptance respect” and “moral thought respect. ” These discussion posts tend to bring up this kind of esteem to the concepts of moral standing up or perhaps moral worth.


Trust is a essential aspect of healthful relationships. It indicates that you trust your partner to complete what they declare and keep their word, regardless if it upsets you or challenges you.

In a healthy and balanced relationship, your lover will dignity you and trust you completely with their emotions, even when they have had experiences similar to your own in the past (such a cheating ex or a parent’s divorce).

It takes time for you to build trust, but it is very important that you do so.

To restore trust, it is advisable to admit the mistakes and repent with regards to these people. This implies that you are going to work on the problems that caused all of them, and that you wish to be there for your partner whenever they need you most.

Another way to build trust is to display that you value your partner’s identity and understand their restrictions. It also helps to maintain good friends outside of the relationship, so you own a strong support that can help you through any kind of tough times in the love existence.


Determination is an important element of healthy interactions. It will involve saying yes to some thing for the long term, regardless if it’s terrifying and difficult.

Individuals who have committed to some thing — many people a romantic relationship, a profession, parenting or maybe a creative task — are much less likely to adjust their head and experience regret about their decisions down the road. They are also even more willing to take risks , nor give up conveniently when facts go wrong.

A commitment to something gives you a feeling of purpose and meaning inside your life, and it can help you concentrate on the big photo instead of considering small particulars or feeling like you are not living your very best life. That could also improve your cognitive abilities by dedicating your entire mental information to a job over a period of time.


Restrictions are a key element of healthful relationships. They will help defend your personal space, privacy, and emotional overall health.

They also stop co-dependence. Therefore you are able to keep your own name and self-reliance in the marriage without feeling pressured or coerced to complete what your spouse wants.

Once setting restrictions, it’s necessary to talk with your companion about them. This will likely ensure that that they understand what you’re saying and exactly how it has an effect on them.

It has also essential to reflect on them regularly, explains Mutchler. That way, you could make sure that they are really working certainly not hurting other folks.

You should always end up being willing to say “no” in cases where something doesn’t feel right within your gut. That is an expression of courage and self-love, and it can set you totally free of guilt which might be harmful to your relationships.


The advantages of Online Dating

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In a latest Pew Research Center survey, we asked people whether or not they believe online dating services has had a good or detrimental effect on their very own relationships. The majority of people (58%) claim it has a new positive impact, while others declare it’s possessed either a poor or combined effect. People who said it had a positive impact cited a range of reasons, which include that it extends their seeing pool and provides them a chance to evaluate somebody just before meeting face-to-face. The fact which you can talk to persons over textual content and cellular phone before you decide if you need to meet all of them in person as well makes it easier to avoid wasting time in people who don’t suit your needs.

In addition , you can use the filter systems to small your searches by a long time, interests, and other criteria. If you’re serious about locating a long-term spouse, you can even want to pay for reduced account about some offerings that offer features like infinite swipes or perhaps the ability to “super-like” a lot of people at the same time. But that could add up to a large bill, especially if you’re using several different services.

There are some significant risks to online dating, nonetheless there’s also a many information in existence about how to defend yourself. For example , it’s common for people to cover apps troubles phones, particularly those they do not want other people to see. Should you be concerned about someone being greedy, it might help to ask them to share all their profile website link with you or look for these people in other messaging apps.

Another thing to bear in mind is that not every online dating expertise are created equal. Many are free to join, while others charge a monthly rate for their products and services. It’s worth spending the excess money to identify a service which fits your specific requirements and fits you with people who have equivalent values and goals. After that you’ll be much more likely to get in touch meeting mexican girls with individuals who are a good fit for yourself.

Finally, there’s the old adage you have to kiss a whole lot of frogs before you find your royal prince. The same holds true when it comes to internet dating — you may have to be on a few goes with people who also aren’t the appropriate match prior to you find the main one. But it could be better to accomplish that in the comfort and ease of your own residence than trying to meet people at a bar or club. In due course, the key is to focus on moving a great interaction toward a face-to-face date instead of getting disheartened by rejection or discontentment along the way.


Как провести юзабилити-тестирование с респондентом и не провалить его Хабр

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Объясните респонденту, что будет происходить дальше. Расскажите, что будет делать респондент, сколько будет длится исследование. Поясните, что вы не тестируете его собственные навыки и знания, а стремитесь улучшить продукт.

Лучше, если вы как-то замотивируете пользователей пройти тест. Фокус-группы.Собирается группа от 5 до 12 человек, которые уже успели протестировать ваш сайт. В процессе каждый делится своими впечатлениями и трудностями, которые возникли при использовании сайта. юзабилити тестирование это У такой дискуссии обязательно должен быть модератор, чтобы направлять беседу в нужное русло. Обычно тестирование проводят с помощью реальных людей. Никакие автоматические сервисы не смогут на 100% оценить, будет ли вашим сайтом удобно пользоваться.

Пошаговый ход тестирования

Пилотный тест покажет, сколько времени выделить на каждую задачу. Если их много, отсортируйте по важности и релевантности для главной цели. «Репетиция» исследования помогает оценить готовность, выявить и устранить проблемы на раннем этапе. Итак, на данный момент уже определено, что сайту требуется перепроектирование, нашли страницы и функции, с которыми возникают проблемы у пользователей. Осталось дело за малым — понять, почему у пользователей возникают проблемы и как их исправить.

Как провести качественное юзабилити-тестирование

В некоторых случаях юзабилити-тестирование не может точно определить, будет ли для пользователя удобна та или иная страница. Например, при тестировании прототипа или при оценке пользователем привлекательности страницы. Каждый владелец сайта, будь это интернет-магазин, сайт-визитка или страница, продающая услугу хочет, чтобы ресурс приносил как можно больше прибыли.

Цели UX/CX исследования

Вы можете подготовить отчет о тестировании, просмотрев видеозапись, снятую в период тестирования, или проанализировав данные, собранные после каждой задачи тестирования. В своем отчете обязательно укажите проблемы, обнаруженные в ходе тестирования, и возможные решения. Первым шагом к проведению юзабилити-теста является создание плана.

При составлении инструкции для участников тестирования важно тщательно все продумывать. Инструкция должна быть настолько понятной, чтобы в ней мог разобраться, к примеру, старшеклассник. Постарайтесь не использовать какие-то специфичные слова, помните — чем проще, тем лучше. К тому же работать с опытными тестировщиками гораздо комфортнее, ведь у них уже есть опыт юзабилити-тестирований. Такие люди знают, на что именно нужно обратить внимание в определенной нише.


Уменьшить хаос на страницах, чтобы пользователям было легче воспринимать информацию и действовать. После проведения качественного анализа были проанализированы данные двух дистанционных исследований с помощью инструмента Optimal Workshop. Обеспечьте наличие открытых форм для дополнительной обратной связи после тестирования. Следующей целью стал более подробный анализ информационной архитектуры. Для этого специалисты провели тестирование первого клика и тестирование с закрытыми картами. Все пять пользователей, имевших задание найти конкретное место и узнать, открыто ли оно в данный момент, успешно справились с ним и оценили его как очень легкое.

Как провести качественное юзабилити-тестирование

Основная задача исследования — найти проблемы и их причины, определить потребности пользователей и способы их удовлетворения. В качественном тестировании всегда участвует модератор (юзабилити-специалист), он голосом дает пользователю задания и общается с ним в процессе тестирования. Минимальное количество респондентов для качественных исследований 5 человек, для количественных — 20. Если людей больше, то разделите их на группы по 5-10 человек и проведите тестирование в несколько заходов. Учтите, что обычно 85% проблем с юзабилити обнаруживаются первыми пятью респондентами. Поэтому для оптимизации затрат стоит провести тестирование, затем доработать продукт с учетом результатов, и повторить цикл.

Этап 7: Фиксируйте результаты

После завершения сеанса тестирования вы можете проанализировать свои результаты. Когда вы анализируете данные, вы можете определить тенденции в проблемах, с которыми столкнулись пользователи. Постарайтесь расставить приоритеты по наиболее серьезным проблемам, которые вызвали затруднения у участников. Как только вы проясните эти вопросы, вы сможете решить их, чтобы ваш продукт был готов к выходу на рынок.

  • Модерируемое — модератор задаёт наводящие вопросы, следит за прохождением тестирования, может изменять условия задания.
  • Но помните, что все случаи уникальны, поэтому тут нет серебряной пули.
  • Далее укажите используемые методы и измеряемые метрики.
  • Это UI-дизайн — архитектор сделал так, как по его мнению будет удобно другим.
  • А значит не придётся строить догадки и оценивать удобство на основе только своего опыта.
  • Для вычисления SUM используется специальный калькулятор (его можно найти в интернете или скачать специальный файл excel).

Это поможет вам не запутаться в результатах и лучше оценить интерфейс. Всего мы проводим приблизительно от 5 до 10 тестов по конкретной выборке с представителями целевой аудитории. Именно поэтому мы не можем заявлять, что с теми проблемами, которые мы выявили, сталкивается 100% наших пользователей, даже если с ними столкнулись 10 из 10 человек в нашей выборке. Мы только можем говорить о том, что такие проблемы есть и насколько они критичны для пользователя.


Обычно источником самых важных инсайтов являются неожиданные взаимодействия с продуктом. Наблюдайте за поведением участников и анализируйте, какие функции или характеристики нужно улучшить. Удобство сайта для пользователей — важный фактор, обеспечивающий лояльность пользователей и увеличивающий вероятность выполнения пользовательского сценария. Этот фактор не остаётся незамеченным поисковыми системами, которые учитывают заинтересованность пользователя и успешность решения своих задач именно на вашем сайте.

1 час занимает сама процедура, 15 минут требуется на инструктаж и столько же — на выводы. Люди устают, будут делать ошибки или слишком формально относиться к поставленным задачам. Видеозапись теста стоит сделать вне зависимости от выбранного метода.


Genies Fortune Online Slot Game

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Genis Fortune To give you a good insight into all slot machines we have reviewed thousands of them, and we now have a free play version of Genie’s Fortune. Passionate about writing and loves using her creativity to provide insight into the interesting gambling world. Your password must be 8 characters or longer and must contain at least one uppercase and lowercase character. This just wouldn’t be an Aladdin-style adventure without a monkey to keep you company, but your monkey isn’t anywhere near as annoying as Abu. Indeed, when he appears in the centre reel position on reel-3, he will allow you to click any of the adjacent reel positions to reveal another Bonus Prize in the Click Me Crazy Bonus. If you love tales of the Arabian Nights, and Aladdin type adventures that come with wish-granting genies and sexy belly dancers, then it’s time to seek the Genie’s Fortune.

Choose one of the treasure chests to see if you’ve won an exclusive bonus. The Wild Flying Carpets will take you on a wild ride, and lining-up all 5 of them on a pay-line will win you 2,500 coins. However, spin-in a Flying Carpet on reel 1 and it will fly right and across all the reels, revealing 4 Bonus Pay-outs as it does so. Taking a standard 52-card deck of playing cards (without Jokers), deal one upturned card on the left of your playing area, then six downturned cards (from left to right).

You certainly won’t get the hump when you see 5 camels at 1,600 coins, whilst sexy belly dancers that pay you up to 2,000 coins must be high on anyone’s wish-list. Genie’s Fortune Free Spins – Three or more treasure chests trigger the free spin round, offering 5 to 20 free spins. This feature cannot be retriggered and there are no multipliers in play. Magic Carpet – When the magic carpet shows up on the first reel, it will fly over the screen and will reveal a cash prize for every symbol it passes.

Slots-777 does not take bets and is not gathering any user data, hence we are not a gambling site but just a guide to the online games world. Even with so much on offer, this isn’t a slot that has to cost much to play, though high-rollers are accommodated with a maximum bet option of 300 coins a spin. Those who like lower spin-stakes can choose to play 1 to 30 paylines, and bet 1 to 10 coins on each of those lines, meaning you can play from just 1 coin per spin. If you are convinced with its features and have enough bankroll, which you should be, then start picking the base options like number of coins, paylines, and value of each of them.

Sign up for free to get exclusive bonuses and find out about the best new bonuses for your location. If you drag a card or cards to the middle of a stack and the cards that move away would be valid to move back on top of the dragged card(s), then they’ll slide out of the way and let you just slip the card(s) in. Dragging a card or cards to the middle of a stack will attempt to move all the cards above the destination out of the way. To see where the cards will move, hold the dragged card(s) at the destination for a second. If you decide to move the dragged card(s) somewhere else, just drag them there and the other cards will go back to where they were.

  • This Aladdin themed game is one that can be found at Betsoft powered casinos and it is loaded with exciting features that can offer huge payouts.
  • The paylines are not fixed, so players can choose to activate as many as they want when they are choosing their bet amounts.
  • The game has 4 different bonus rounds games, scatters, wild and lots of exciting characters.

Largest listing of reputable and trustworthy online casinos. Your adventures may also lead you to discover a series of Scattered slot symbol Treasure Chests, and these are the Free Spins Icons. Lots of treasure awaits if you can see 3 or more Treasure Chests on the reels with 3 triggering 5 free spins, 4 triggering 10 free spins, and 5 triggering 20 free spins.

genies fortune slot

On top of the downturned cards, deal an upturned card on the left-most downturned pile, and downturned cards on the rest until all piles have an upturned card. The game is set inside a desert tent and there is a great Arabian soundtrack to compliment the game. In the reels, players will see a princess, camel, scimitars, crystal balls, bowl of fruit, orange gems and gold bars. With you also never having to download any software to play that slot, being as it is an instant play web browser compatible slot you can set about playing it very quickly, but do also keep in mind that it is available as a mobile slot game too. It is good to know however that all Betsoft designed slots such as this great looking Genie’s Fortune does come with plenty of low to high staking options, and it is also available to play as a demo mode free play slot.

Each feature stunning graphics, amazing animations, and fantastic background music. There are many icons to be seen when you match any of the 30 mythical paylines. These include baskets of snakes, mischievous monkeys (with sharpened scimitars), magical crystal balls, baskets full of snakes, beautiful Arabian princesses, chests of treasure and baskets full of magic crystal balls. The Magic Lamp, Carpet and Treasure Chest are the main totems. When you play the correct game spin, each of these symbols will earn you play credits.

The game has 4 different bonus rounds games, scatters, wild and lots of exciting characters. Playing this game makes it look as if the bonus features are stimulated than a good number of the slots game. Genie’s Fortune free slot machine games is a 5 reel slot from the developers BetSoft and is just the game if you are looking for greater coin rewards. The free slot is designed around an adaptation of Middle Eastern folklore that we all know and love and is complete with the Genie being trapped inside a lamp. There are 4 bonus games offered complete with colourful 3D graphics, stunning animations and some superb background music making this the type of slot that players can become fully immersed in.

First, let us talk about its view appeal and if all the visuals are anyway related to the theme of the game. Definitely, Betsoft, the developer of this game, has done a hard work to encapsulate real Genie on slot canvas along with its related stuffs which are available here on the reel matrix. The free Genie’s Fortune slot game has bonus rounds, wilds and scatters in tandem which has amazing 3D graphics. So, for you to unlock the genie, you would have to rub the lamp. In this game, the bet value is 0.02 up to 1, can place your bet up to 10 credits per payline. Genie’s Fortune Slot is one such online video slot which is based on popular Middle Eastern folklore about a Genie trapped inside a lamp.

Notably, developer has not used true there dimensional visuals in this slot yet it offers a compelling experience every time a player lands the game or starts the roll. Players, we need your help with how we should to rank and rate these reviewed casino games. You can help us by rating this game, and if you really enjoyed playing Genies Fortune. You can also share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and via email.

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