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Ramadan begins

Muslims around the globe have begun their holiest month of the year by giving up food, drink, smoking and other physical needs from dawn till dusk each day. In many communities, large dinner gatherings are held each evening to break the fast. The month also marks a time for Muslims to reexamine their lives through the prism of Islamic teachings. — Lloyd Young (38 photos total)
Рамадан фото мусульмани 2011
A student reads the Koran before morning prayer on the holy month of Ramadan at the Al-Mukmin Islamic boarding school in Solo, Indonesia Central Java province, August 2. (Beawiharta/Reuters)


Полнолуние, Нефтяное пятно, Мексиканский залив (8 фото)

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интересные фотографии
Фейерверк в небе на фоне полной луны в субботу 26 июня 2010. (AP Photo/Intelligencer Journal, Justin David Graybill) (more…)

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